Patti L

These pants are awesome! Our dog had surgery and it eliminated the need for that horrible cone that she would have otherwise been required to wear. Also protects our carpet & furniture from dischanges. Washes beautifully!

Patti L / 2016
Anne A

Super duper customer service. These Mozzie Pants are the best. My Standard poodle had/has a really bad hotspot the size of a quarter and after a Vet visit, the only option at the time was the dreaded “cone of shame,” to keep her from licking this spot. I happened to find these pants by accident. I ordered a pair and had a little custom alteration. Presto! It keeps her from licking and no c-collar. And Jules is just an absolute sweetheart. I can’t recommend these pants or Jules highly enough. Thank you for making my poodle a happier dog.

Anne A / 2016
Susan L

Hi Jules, Mozzie, & Cody!!

I am a rescue/rehabilitator of wild and domestic animals (x30 years)- My latest little rescue is a Cocker Spaniel blinded by congenital cataracts (with severe separation anxiety)- He decided to lick himself to the point of a booger of a hotspot. Being a nurse- I used all the traditional remedies recommended by his veterinarian. Being blind already has its challenges- I always walk him on a leash so he can feel secure in his morning and evening walks (he likes boundaries). Being a thick coated breed and dependent on his nose for his “sight”- the traditional collar has been MISERABLE!!! He scoops up dirt in it trying to smell his surroundings, ALWAYS hot due to the nonbreathing plastic and having something tied around his neck 24/7. Plus when I leave him- he urps (the separation anxiety manifestation) in his cone, so he stinks to high heaven when I return. Looking for an alternative- I found your MozziePants. I took a chance, ordered them based on recommended measurements and we put them on this morning. LOVE THEM!!! (him & me ?

We already went on out morning walk- MozziePants are pee & poop approved for him. We are now just sleeping on the kitchen floor- content, comfortable, & hotspot covered!!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea!!!


Susan L / 2016
Carla E

Our darling 15 year old dog is so comfortable in her Mozzie pants! Such a fantastic investment! Saved from endless “accidents” on the rug, she has the comfort of a snug fit and we take comfort in knowing she is free to relax without a mess!! They are totally adorable and affordable! Thank you!!!

Carla E / 2016
Suze V

I don’t believe there’s a word that is strong enough to express the utter CUTENESS of these pup pants. Excellent cover-up to help prevent your baby from obsessing over “hot spots.” And, they are really, really cute! Beautifully made of a strong (but very stretchy) fabric. Fit is very close to the size chart. Absolutely LOVE these. Wonderful product. Wonderful (and helpful!) seller!

Suze V / 2016
Peak Lab Rescue

Peak Lab Rescue Wants To Give A Big Thank You To Jules At Mozzie Pants. Jules got us a pair of Mozzie Pants to one of our rescues named Carli. Carli has what is called a degloving injury to her leg. We needed a way to protect her leg and cover the wound without causing any more discomfort. The Mozzie Pants were the solution! They work great and Carli looks adorable in them too! 🙂  Please check them out their fleece and cotton blend clothing keep outdoor grime (and snow) outdoors, covers wounds, surgical incisions and hot spots. Tell them Peak Lab Rescue and Carli sent you! ?

Peak Lab Rescue / 2016
Tamara L

Extremely fast shipping! I bought these for my mom’s dog for after his neuter surgery and at first my mom wasn’t sure about trying them – but after one day with the cone…she put them on him and everyone was much happier!

Tamara L / 2016
Pat V

Wiggins the dog had his stitches out on Monday. The pants worked out so well and all the workers at the Vet office loved the pants and the vet too. They took the business card that was sent in the package and are making copies to give to clients that may have a need. Thanks again. Pat

Pat V / 2016


Carolina H

OMG! We just received our tops and bottoms for Coco – she’s our 13 year old toy poodle. I gave her a bath and put the set on expecting some resistance but she loves them! I usually don’t put clothes on her but she’s been licking herself so bad that she has sores. This set covers up the spots and I think the snugness gives her comfort. Thank you so much!

Carolina H / 2016
Sue Z

Even tho I am very busy, I just want to take this time to tell you something. Your kindness and prompt responses are very much appreciated. Over the holidays, I came in contact with so many people in retail, who really don’t give a crap. It is a shame. Even some in the pet industry. I never complain, but I think at this moment, I vow to compliment everyone who is like you and goes out of their way to be a good business person with a good heart. Thank you soooo much and keep up the good work. I truly feel that you care and that is important!!!!
Sue Z

Sue Z / 2016
Lle C

I’ve gotten the honor to be able to work closely with Julie with my dog Bart that has spina bifida. She is passionate about her work and is 100% focused on the comfort of your pup. She focused on his special needs and made special adjustments that work perfectly for Bart. Mozzie Pants have been a life saver, they help keep our dog clean and everything in place since he has to wear a diaper. I highly recommend Mozzie Pants, they are definitely stylish and make you want to squeeze your dog because the cuteness is almost unbearable!

Lle C / 2016
Kerry W

I was extremely pleased with not only the quality of the shirt and pants, but also the professionalism and willingness of Jules to go the extra mile to get the clothes to me ASAP as my dog had an area on her leg I needed to cover immediately so she should not lick it. I am extremely particular and was nothing but impressed with the workmanship of the construction. It was exceptional. I would recommend this line to anyone. Thanks, Jules!

Kerry W / 2016
Alicia H

Chanel, or as i call her: Chanellie- nellie, rockin her Mozzie Pants T shirt in houndstooth. This is one major component of the new regime of medicated baths, Apoquel, and alternating long sleeved Mozzie Ts! We have finally hit on the solution to her chronic itching and raw skin. The Tshirts have covered her tummy, armpits and elbows to allow her to heal in comfort. She is a completely different dog in just 3 wks! She now runs, plays and is much more lively. Her personality is coming back out smile emoticon Thank you Julie Korth and Mozzie Pants!

Alicia H / 2016
Janice M

Our Murphy loves his pants!!! We weren’t sure how it would go but he is so proud in his pants!!! Very happy to rid of the cone. He is not licking his wound now, they really work great! Thank you for the quick shipping!

Janice M / 2016
Cleo D

Rudy and I are so happy with his Mozzie Pants!! Rudy has been (unhappy) in a cone for 6 months and it has been a nightmare trying to get his skin issues cleared up! He is so much happier in his Mozzie Pants and his skin is finally clearing up! Thank you!! Every dog owner needs to know about Mozzie Pants!!

Cleo D / 2016
Carol T

Jax loves his new Mozzie Walking Pants! He uses them when he runs in a field to keep the stickers off his lovely coat. See Jax’s photo on Club Mozzie Pants page!

Carol T / 2015
Joanne D

PJ our show Samoyed has a real challenge with a huge hot spots on his back end. The Walking Pant covers them perfectly and it fits so great. He loves the fabric and comfy fit. He doesn’t want to take them off!!

Joanne D / 2015
Cindy H

Gordon loved his Mozzie Pants T-Shirt, it made him feel confident and spiffy for the adoption event!!

Cindy H / 2015
Pamela A

Archie has hot spots from army crawling everywhere… The Large T-shirt keeps him from constantly licking and chills him out a bit as well:)

Pamela A / 2015
Gail G

Louie is our 14 year old retired show dog who gets a little cold and he loves his T-shirt, the perfect fit, comfy and just the right amount of warmth for his old bones.

Gail G / 2015
Danielle L

Julie is a passionate advocate for animals and their humane and loving treatment. She has combined 30+ years of sales and marketing experience to bring a novel and multi-faceted product to market to improve life for both dogs and owners. She leads her life with integrity and honesty. Julie makes the world a better place through her compassion and fair treatment of others.

Danielle L / 2015
Richard K

I have known Julie Korth all her life. She is a well organized person with a special feeling for dogs, lost dogs, her own dogs, friends’ dogs and other dogs in need of care. She has experience in marketing, computer software, and personel management as district manager. I feel she will do well in any project she pursues.

Richard K / 2015
Maureen G

I have known Julie Korth for about three years. I found that she is a caring, organized, friendly, lover of dogs, person. She uses good judgement, foresight and thoughtfulness when addressing a problem or project. Her honesty is outstanding. I would highly recommend Julie Korth for any task she would like to tackle…whether dog or people project.

Maureen G / 2015
Joanne D

PJ our show Samoyed has a real challenge with hot spots on his front legs. The T-shirt covers them perfectly and it fits so great. He loves the fabric and comfy fit. He doesn’t want to take it off!!

Joanne D / 2015
Dea C

Mozzie Pants are great, “Bud” my Lab mix did not mind putting them on, his first experience with wearing cloths. I was pleasantly surprised how easy they went on and came off of him.
The fabric feels good and love all the choices of prints and colors. Thanks Mozzie and Julie!

Dea C / 2015
Brandon C

Great customer service. Helped me with finding the right size garments for my Australian Sheppard after his surgery. Good quality material that is American Made which we loved. Thanks Mozzie and Julie!

Brandon C / 2015