Link here for Cody watching Mozzie and himself for TV Interview

Cody was our first rescue. Cody is a Westi-Poo and came to us when he was 6 month old. Cody was held captive in his previous home never allowed to go outside or leave the house. He was kept in a cage and went to the bathroom on pee pads in their kitchen.

Cody was full of fear of everything outdoors!   Buses and motorcycles (parked or running) were like monster to him. He had never walked on a leash or had a collar on. He is still afraid to be outdoors when it is dark.

It was a slow process to acclimate him to his new life of going outdoors to go the bathroom. Showing him that the outside world was a fun place full of adventures was a challenge. However, after 30 days we had him walking on the leash and enjoying the great out of doors.

For fun Cody plays hide and seek with toys, plays Frisbee and ball and loves to play “catch” with the ball on the stairs.

Cody wears the Walking Pants and T’s to cover hot spots due to seasonal allergies.  By covering the areas, he leaves it alone!  We have saved money in vet bills and have not had to give steroids to the little guy.

Cody went to pick out Mozzie and chose him as his forever brother! It was a match made in heaven with Cody teaching Mozzie the rules of indoors and Mozzie taking the lead on the “streets”.

What people are saying about Mozzie Pants:

Joanne D
PJ our show Samoyed has a real challenge with hot spots on his front legs. The T-shirt covers them perfectly and it fits so great. He loves the fabric and comfy fit. He doesn’t want to take it off!!
Joanne D
Dea C
Mozzie Pants are great, "Bud" my Lab mix did not mind putting them on, his first experience with wearing cloths. I was pleasantly surprised how easy they went on and came off of him. The fabric feels good and love all the choices of prints and colors. Thanks Mozzie and Julie!
Dea C / August 17, 2015
Brandon C
Great customer service.  Helped me with finding the right size garments for my Australian Sheppard after his surgery.  Good quality material that is American Made which we loved.  Thanks Mozzie and Julie!
Brandon C / August 11, 2015