Do you need Mozdom (wisdom) support with your current or future four legged friend?

Mozzie Pants offers dog consulting, in person or via phone:

  • Need help determining what kind of dog matches your family, home and lifestyle?
  • Have a current dog that you need to find a good match for their brother or sister?
  • Need help setting up your home to prepare for your new friend?
  • Support for picking out a rescue that matches your desires.

Contact us as  or 206-283-6570 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Mozdom

  1. laura says:

    I was looking at your site for possibilities for 3 of our “kids” but I wasn’t able to find a size chart. How do we know what size to order?

    • admin says:

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you so much for reaching out! I am so sorry you had a challenge finding the size info. I have placed it below for your access. It can also be found under each garment, there is a tab that says sizing. Thanks again for letting me know as I want the site to be easy to use! If you have time can you tell me what type of device you are using? (phone or tablet) So I can research why it was not easy for you to find? Thanks again! Let me know if you have any additional questions. Cheers, Jules

      Measurements for Tops and Pants
      •X-Small 11-15 inch girth
      •Small 15-19 inch girth
      •Medium 20-24 inch girth
      •Large 25-29 inch girth
      •X-Large 30-35.5 inch girth

      We suggest you round up to a larger size if your pup is in between sizes on the tops.

      Leg length can be trimmed with scissors and will not fray or damage the garment. We suggest you put the garment on your pup and mark with a highlighter the appropriate length. Then take the garment off the pup and cut above the line you drew. If you have an active dog, the back legs may need to be trimmed to below knee.

      Additional Sizing Information

      Based on your pups needs for coverage, here are the actual back lengths of garments. Girth is the most important measurement;

      •X-Small 9 inch actual garment back length
      •Small 12 inch actual garment back length
      •Medium 14 inch actual garment back length
      •Large 17 inch actual garment back length
      •X-Large 20 inch actual garment back length

      •X-Small 7.5 inch actual garment back length
      •Small 10 inch actual garment back length
      •Medium 13.5 inch actual garment back length
      •Large 14 inch actual garment back length
      •X-Large 16 inch actual garment back length

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