Fleece Pants – Dog Sweaters


Woof, Woof!  (Hello Home Harmony!)

Mozzie Polar Pants are designed with you and your dogs in mind. Fleece dog clothes will protect during winter fun (no more matted hair and mess from snow pack and street grime)! Our dog coats are intended for indoor warmth and outdoor fun.

If your dog can’t keep their pants up, check out our dog suspenders! They work with all Mozzie Pants, Dog Diapers and Belly Bands!

Check out Club Mozzie Pants for photo’s of pups in the garments. Special design allows you to trim the leg length with scissors, without garment fraying. We suggest you trim the leg length a few inches above the paw.

Barkety Bark Bark Bark! (I love my Mozzie Pants!)

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