What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
 Orders over $50.00 have free shipping in USA.  Orders under $50.00 have a discounted shipping with compassion. Orders usually ship in 24-48 hours via Priority Mail 2 day delivery in USA. Please email us for International orders and we will determine shipping charges. customerservice@mozziepants.com
How does sizing work?

Size Chart

size picture girthMeasure Girth for Sizing

Visit  Club Mozzie Pants to see examples sizes on our dog friends.

Girth Measurements for Tops and Pants
  • X-Small 11-15 inch girth
  • Small 15-19 inch girth
  • Medium 20-24 inch girth
  • Large 25-29 inch girth
  • X-Large 30-35.5 inch girth
We suggest you round up to a larger size if your pup is in between sizes on the tops. Leg length can be trimmed with scissors and will not fray or damage the garment. We suggest you put the garment on your pup and mark with a highlighter the appropriate length. Then take the garment off the pup and cut above the line you drew. If you have an active dog, the back legs may need to be trimmed to below knee.
Additional Sizing Information Based on your pups needs for coverage, here are the actual back lengths of garments.  Girth is the most important measurement; Pants:
  • X-Small 9 inch actual garment back length
  • Small 12 inch actual garment back length
  • Medium 14 inch actual garment back length
  • Large 17 inch actual garment back length
  • X-Large 20 inch actual garment back length
  • X-Small 7.5 inch actual garment back length
  • Small 10 inch actual garment back length
  • Medium 13.5 inch actual garment back length
  • Large 14 inch actual garment back length
  • X-Large 16 inch actual garment back length
If you have any questions on sizing, please contact us at: customerservice@mozziepants.com or 206-283-6570.
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
 We accept Via, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Pay Pal.
How long will delivery take?
 Orders usually ship in 24-48 hours via Priority Mail 2 day delivery in USA. 
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
 Yes, your data is secure.  We use the most up to date technology on our website. 
What exactly happens after ordering?
 You will receive an email confirmation and then we will ship the items.  Items usually ship in 24 hours. 
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
 Yes, you will receive an invoice via email.
How do I care for the garments?
 The cotton garments can be machine washed with like colors and put in the dryer. The fleece garments can be machine washed with like colors and put in the drier.  Fleece garments will maintain water resistance if you do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener. 
Do the garments shrink?
 No, the garments will not shrink.  The elastic will tighten up about 1/2 inch after dried, however, it will stretch out to original girth. 
What is your return/exchange policy?
 We are happy to take returns and exchanges.  Please do not trim the leg length if you want to return or exchange items.  Your invoice will have the return address to send the garments back, we are not able to pay for this postage.  Exchange items will be sent after the original order is returned.  
Do you do special orders or sizing?
 Yes, we understand that not all dogs will fit into our sizes.  Please contact us for any special orders or sizing, pricing will depend on request.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 
What do I do if I need sizing help?
Send us a photo and measurements of your pup to customerservice@mozziepants.com and we can help you with sizing.