Mozzie Jail Photo 1I was homeless, living on the streets in Los Angeles, California. I was always hungry, eating trash, riddled with fleas and worms. It was a tough life and scary most of the time.   One day the dog catcher cornered me. I was very afraid and showed aggression towards the captures which resulted in an instant death row sentence in this fare land.

A nice rescue organization in Seattle, Washington was notified of my fate and they accepted me into their rescue program. A man came and picked me up in a van and drove me to the Seattle rescue home. They took me to the vet and gave me medical care to include neutering. Then they shaved my coat, which felt good! It was hard for me in captivity as I only knew how to eat trash and they kept giving me bowls of dog food. I was dreaming of stealing candy bars from the bus stop and convenience stores. However, having a safe place to sleep was a welcomed change.

My human found me posted on the rescue website and took their other nine year old rescue, Cody, to meet me. Lucky for me, Cody liked me and chose me as his new brother! The human was really nice, I gave her a kiss after we met and the rescue team cheered. They had not seen me show any affection towards humans.   The human said she would come back and get me in a couple days to go to my forever home.

Being a street dog, I had no skills to prepare me for my forever home. This included not being house trained. In between walking on coffee tables and trying to jump on the kitchen counters I was marking the house to claim as my own.   Lucky for me, Cody immediately started to teach me how to be an indoor Seattle dog. I had so much to learn and my human put pants on me to teach me the difference between going outdoors and having accidents indoors. It was a great learning tool. When I marked indoors, my human would gently take the pants off, let me smell them and tell me “no, outdoors”. She would immediately take me outdoors until I marked again…cheering “good boy” and giving me treats! When I came back indoors, my human would put on a fresh clean pair of pants. My human says my progress was amazing! Within six days I was out of the crate full time and perfectly house trained in my forever home!

Mozzie in T 3

A few weeks later it was time to go to holiday gatherings in a different city!   My human knew that it was going to be confusing for me to be in other homes and not to mark along the way.   We brought my pants with us and used the same technique in each home and I caught on quickly. Not to mention saved my humans from being mortified by potential accidents. It only took a couple of pants changes for me to completely understand that there is more than one indoors in my new world! I did great!

Mozzie Pants were officially created! Several years back my human had made pants for her aging Boxers, Tilo and Thore. Thore was losing bladder control due to old age and the pants stopped the dribbles from reaching her carpets and furniture. Tilo was diagnosed with cancer and the steroids that he was on towards the end of his life caused him to dribble urine. Once again, the pants protected the floors and furniture from the urine! Thanks Tilo and Thore for the good idea!!

The Mozzie Pants line is a women owned company and hand crafted with compassion by women. Mozzie Pants supports rescue organizations.

I love my Mozzie Pants and my forever home!



Mozzie’s three RRR’s….Rescue, Reuse and Recycle!