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At 14 years old, G (yes, that is his first name!) (Mozzie’s “cousin”) has been playing banjo for four years and guitar for five. He plays locally in Southern Connecticut at venues including Stamford’s Palace Theatre, Two Boots Bridgeport, The Acoustic Cafe and The Harborview Market. With a style fusing bluegrass and classic rock, G’s influences range from American traditionals, to banjo great Tony Trishcka and The Grateful Dead. His repertoire ranges from traditional fiddle tunes to originals, written for banjo and guitar.

G has written the original music and lyrics to the Mozzie Pants jingle!

 In 2010, at 8 years old, G placed in the BAPP’s Kidz Got Skillz competition. He has won awards at the Roxbury Pickin’ and Fiddlin’ Competition for three years running, including first place in the children’s division(2013) and third place in both the open banjo and band competitions (2014).

G has had the honor of jamming with the late Pete Seeger, bluegrass legend Roger Sprung, as well as Grammy Award winner Alison Brown.

 G is an up and coming banjoist who’s already accomplished an awful lot, musically speaking.  His future is shining brightly ahead of him.”- Tony Trischka

Here is a link to other works by G:


Check out the first take of Mozzie’s song!!!

These are the lyrics for the original piece from G!

Here is a story about Mozzie the dog

He was rescued by Julie from the streets of L.A.

With his new brother Cody he stepped into his home

Moving to Seattle Washington.


Mozzie was a little dog who needed a new home

At that home was discovered Mozzie Pants


Not knowing of the house rules Mozzie made him self at home

He’d jump up on the counter tops and marked it as his own

That’s were this idea was created from

Mozzie stopped marking the house from then on


Trying out the new product that’s how Mozzie was trained

Now the house is always clean, not messy through the days

Try this out on your dog for it worked for Mozzie

Don’t need to worry with Mozzie pants


Any outfit that you need for your puppy

Just order some Mozzie pants or polar t’s

There great outfits for any size of dog

You can always put your trust in Mozzie Pants

Please note G owns all rights to this song, if you want to use it please contact us a customerservice@mozziepants.com