Last night I met the Fire Fighter, Victory Lonnquist, who started this mission.  Please help if you can, our nurses and doctors are desperate, some are using bandannas for protection. Victoria is now working with the government, this is a national crisis.

Website with patterns, needs, mission and shipping address:

Face Book Page:  Mask Drive – Help our first responders!

What can you do?

  • If you sew you can go to the website and get patterns and make the requested masks. Shipping address is on the website.
  • If you have any supplies you can get them to a sewer near you via the Face Book group. Elastic is already in a shortage and they need cotton fabric.
  • If you are a manufacture who can help go to and complete the intake form. They need shipping support, elastic, cotton and polypropylene fabric.
  • If you know of any hospital staff that needs masks or gowns, they can request them at
  • If you have another creative way to volunteer beyond sewing you can contact them via
  • Please spread the word to anyone you know that sews across the nation.
  • Soon they will have an app that will connect mask makers with their local hospitals.

Thank you, we all just need to do what we can!!!   I donated 800 yards of elastic and fabric from my small business, Mozzie Pants.  Human masks are more important than dog pants right now!!

Be well and HUGE HUGS to all,

Jules and Mozzie